Mural Restoration is Complete

Todd Samara, a longtime resident of the Rondout, loved sailing, boating and canoeing on the Hudson River. For many years he lived on his steel hulled boat at the Hideaway Marina while working there operating the travel lift putting boats in and out the water.  He painted many murals and signs for the marina during that time that are now long gone. He was commissioned in 2006 to paint a mural on the facade of the Hudson River Maritime which had deteriorated over the years. As the mission of the Todd Samara Project is to preserve Todd’s legacy and the mark he made in the local community, the restoration of this mural was one of the top priorities.


Chris Gonyea, a talented artist in his own right, agreed to restore the mural to its original state, staying true to Todd’s original design and colors. After sanding and priming, Chris used a photo taken of the mural when it was first painted to get the color scheme right. In June of 2023, seventeen years after it was originally painted, the mural restoration was completed.

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